about the poems

Words can come from many places... angry remarks, flippant humor, touching moments, personal reflection, emotional highs, or lows ... These are words that have come from all of those places. My words.


See the night
darkness falls
wonderful Son
past horizon
promises kept
until tomorrow
words fall soundless
deafening seas
night's cold embrace
time but no place
time growing short
morning destiny
horizon's edge
see the light
feel the warmth
once again!

Love is a four-letter word

Searing swords of spite
lashing tongues, injuring words
a wounded dove takes flight
slicing through the heavens
lashing out at clouds
feeling hearts so heavy
wading through the crowds
a rebel rose in a sea of weeds
unrequited love and unmet needs
running along a circus wire
just wanting to be loved, needed, desired
how much longer must it wait?
it's raining and I stand keyless at this locked gate
if the only alternative is hate then I'll just jump over
besides it's getting kind of late
dawn closes in and out rolls the tide
time to put away anger, hate and foolish pride
in the house where these fiends live love can never reside
pull up the sheets, turn out the light
say a short goodbye to a long, loveless night
I think I'll try again tomorrow...


Hoping, knocking, praying
wanting to come in
mind's frustration swaying
knuckles wearing thin
I know this door is right
the one I have chosen
it's warm to the touch
all the others are frozen
a few seemed inviting
maybe this is the place
only when they were opened
darkness slammed in my face
so many miles traveled
so many doors explored
only one thing left remaining
his only truth ignored
I feel his presence stronger
I know this is the place
I long to be there with him
to gaze upon his face
sweet Jesus can you hear me
my strength long running dim
I love you and have heard you
these words bestowed from him
but you did not hear me knocking
for it is I that wanted in.